Facebook Page 


   Today I want to talk about my this new page I made in Facebook.  This page content is mainly for the purpose of spreading my love of make.  In the page I post makeup products I got from sephora. For instance this highlighter and lipstick I got.  @Beautylover92 



Beauty Goodies 

Hello everyone!!!❤💄👑😚😊 Well let’s just get to it since work been crazy lately.  I been working overtime these days and it’s very overwhelming to deal with.  Anyway here I am and well ready to post daily as can.  Please if you can be kind to like and comment on my blog and also comment and like my Instagram as well I post daily. 
A picture is worth a thousand words right well here it is. 💄❤😊☺


Sephora Beauty Goodies 

Hey everyone out there.  To be real being at Sephora can get very overwhelming for me.  I mean every time I am there I get a major headache.  But don’t get me wrong I do love and enjoy shopping there but when it is picking up products I get crazy with it wanting to clear the whole store.  Also every product is so expensive so when buying is like buying an outfit for prom or something.   Here are few images of beautiful view of beauty I got for myself this week.


Nars Eyeshadow😘😚

Hello everyone!!!  How are everyone? Hopefully all is well. Well today I came across something that catch my eyes and that something is…

NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette

This lovely product is limited-edition palette that contains 12 different kind of shade of eyeshadows. Every shade of the eyeshadows have a rich high pigment for every looks.

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