Skincare Starter Kit

Hello Beautiful People!!!

    Let’s start the day by saying how is everyone doing today???!!!  Wow how long it has been since I last posted anything here.  I been so busy with life it self and it’s still not even close to being over with.  For starter I got a good job at Jcp warehouse working as an associate who picks various body products to be ship to stores around the world.  The stores that are shipped to are Sephora stores.  

Before I forget I want to say that I am using that starter kit at the top which I got from Sephora.  I am using this product daily for my dry and unhealthy skin and right now it is showing me the results I want to see.  It helps me to take care of the dead skin cells on my face that are causing all kind of break out and such.  Thus, for some reason it don’t help with my skin staying firm and hydrated all day.  I can’t tell if it is cause I’m not drinking enough water daily or something.  Anyway I have to get back to work see you lovely later

            Happy April 3rd Everyone!!!



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