Eyeshadow by Gucci

Good morning all, hope everything is going smoothly today with everyone. Well let’s all say that today is a great day to be alive with everything that’s going on we made it to another day that’s a blessing. Any-who with valentine day in the air why don’t I talk about this amazing new eyeshadow I got for the occasion that’s coming.

Here I have the best eyeshadow that matches my skin and outfit lol. This palette is dermatologically tested and intensely pigmented. It comes with two eyeshadow brushes therefore you don’t have to buy one. The color of the shade fuses with vibrant hues which holds significant signature Gucci look that is both bold and sophisticated as well.

It also come with base and highlighter shades that uses darker shades to create an even better smoky eye that last the whole evening. However, of course if you want to create a soft daytime wear you can by using the lighter shades with the shadow brush 23, power liquid liner, and opulent volume mascara that is long wear.

That is all everyone, hope you like this post as well as me don’t forget to check out for more by clicking on the link highlighted thanks.




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